Alumni Resources

DHR has many community-based partners that help current and former youth in foster care. Here are just a few:
Native One Stop Native One Stop Resource Center: is a one-stop shop for American Indians and Alaska Natives to access resources available from the U.S. Government.
Native Americans seeking information on a variety of topics now have a new tool, Native One Stop. Whether you are a Native American veteran who is looking for a home loan or a student looking for an educational grant, the site is a quick resource finder. Learn more about government grants, benefits and loans.
Hope Forward LogoHope Forward Inc. (formerly known as Maryland Foster Youth Resource Center-MFYRC) Hope Forward is a non-profit organization created and operated by former foster youth with strong support for its work from Maryland’s Department of Human Resources, local departments of social services, private providers of foster care services and individuals, both former foster youth and their allies. They work with Maryland’s transitioning and former foster youth to connect them with resources and programs already provided by local non-profit organizations and child welfare communities.  In areas where there are gaps in services, they work with their community partners to bridge them. Click here to get connected with Hope Forward Inc.
Foster Club
Foster Club Foster Club believes that youth in care are experts about many aspects of foster care. Acknowledging their expertise, our staff, our board, and their outreach members include young people all across America who have experienced foster care. They put young people in care at the table to educate and influence policy makers, caregivers, child welfare professionals. They connect youth to their communities and inspire them to give something back. Hand in hand with the young people they serve, they challenge the status quo, raise public awareness, and push for necessary change in the foster care system. Click here to visit the Foster Club.
Foster Care Alumni of America
Foster Care Alumni of America Foster Care Alumni of America is a national non-profit association that has been founded and is led by alumni of the foster care system. We use the term alumni to describe those of us who have been in foster care during our childhood/youth. The mission of FCAA is to connect the alumni community and to transform foster care policy and practice, ensuring opportunity for people in and from foster care. Click here to visit the Foster Care Alumni of America.