2015 Teen Conference photos

  The 21st Annual Teen Conference took place June 24-25, 2015 at the extraordinary campus of Towson University in Baltimore Maryland. The conference consisted of team building exercises; youth learned the importance of team work and how to apply what they learned in their everyday life. Youth also had the opportunity to learn about the MYLIFE State Youth Advisory Board, what they do and what they stand for. Youth participants also had the chance to ask questions and suggest ideas to the SYAB.  Special shout out to the SYAB for planning a wonderful conference. During free time youth were either having a blast on the dance floor teaching ILC’s how to “Nae Nae” or they were in the gym in a competitive game of basketball or just hanging around in oh so stylish “Paws Lounge.” On day two workshops were available for youth to keen in and intake valuable information such as “Conquering Empires”, having “Effective Communication” to become better leaders, and learning how to accept “LGBTQ” people. It sounds like the foster youth in Maryland had an ultimate experience of being a leader, living on a college campus, and networking with other youth throughout the state, next year will have some tough competition on topping this year’s teen conference. Youth Participants got excited and hype by the phenomenal hosts  Antonio M., and Tyler L.  Youth were engaged throughout the conference with breakout session, activities, motivational speech by Mr. Michael Sanders, food and music/dance.  Take a look at the 2015 Official 21st Annual Teen Conference Program  to find out more about what happened at the Teen Conference.